Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Priorities

Today marks exactly 1 month and 18 days since the birth of my beautiful sweet daughter Vanessa Skye and life has been nothing short of the most challenging and exciting moments since. Vanessa is definitely my proudest accomplishment in life. It’s not the kind of achievement I can compare to finishing my MBA with honors while working full-time, landing the perfect job at a great company or buying my first home and second home. It is a different kind of happiness that has completely redefined my priorities. I love watching her sleep peacefully for hours, listening intently at the cute and eager sounds she makes when she is feeding, and noticing little changes and progress in her development day to day. My life has done a complete 180 and I'm enjoying the ride. Just in the last year alone I went from working in a corporate setting, to getting married, starting a business plan, and having a baby in a span of 14 months. Now, I am seriously considering renting out the condo in SF and moving to a quieter suburban neighborhood. Those who've known me well during the last 10 years are certainly aware that having a social life has been a close second priority in my life after focusing on work. Though I've lived in bay area since age 16 (with the exception of a few years away during college), I moved to the heart of the city 6 years ago to be closer to all the entertainment options such as the best restaurants and lounges, ballet and opera and all the great neighborhood to hike and shop at. But having a baby definitely impacts having a social life. Not only is there no time for entertainment these days, there is not even enough down time for me or couple time for me and my husband anymore. I maximize every minute of my free time while Vanessa naps doing the necessary chores such as pumping, washing and sterilizing bottles, catching up on mail, bills and thank you cards, making lists, doing laundry and cleaning because when Vanessa is awake, it might be possible to start tasks but impossible to finish most of them. Of course, my husband and I are still in the first two months of parenthood when we're quite sleep deprived and adapting like newbies to the high demands of a newborn. I hear things will get much easier before they get crazy again when babies start to walk. For now, life is all about prioritizing what matters most and that's Vanessa's needs. One of my action items these days is hiring a great house cleaner. I've been bribing the best cleaning lady I know with designer clothes for her and her teenage daughter in addition to offering her more cash than other customers just to squeeze me in her busy schedule but even my bribes aren't working anymore since her schedule is booked solid with her long-time clients. I should have scheduled her twice a month when she had client openings but at the time, I didn't know I would need that kind of deep cleaning on a regular basis. On a positive note, Vanessa slept for a 5 hour long stretch and I got a total of 6 1/2 hours of sleep last night-the longest amount of sleep I've had in 2 months. I am also learning these days how to multitask much better. I put Vanessa in her favorite stroller and take her on exloratory walks while I take care of my banking, grocery shopping and getting exercise all in a block of an hour and a half time. On weekends, I pack up and head to San Mateo where my parents live so they get to spend time with their only grandchild and I get to nap, veg out, watch TV, enjoy sunshine in their backyard or just simply relax, something I don't do often. For now, life is as hectic and exciting as can be. I spend majority of my mornings in the nursery, feeding and playing with Vanessa, reading her books, changing her, and organizing her toys and closet. I make lists of the things I need to do such as researching homes and tenants, ordering fabrics for the baby book and at times, I write, whether it's simply just thank you notes, blogging or bits of content for an online course I'm creating. Ask me tomorrow and my list might just be growing longer without anything scratched off it but today I feel productive and stress-free. My baby turned 7 weeks old today and I had 6 1/2 hours of sleep last night. Now, that's something to smile about:)


  1. Awwww .... enjoy her dear! Babies bond with their Mommies in the first five years of their lives. Enjoy her.

    Motherhood has been one of the most wonderful things that ever happened to me. By staying home, I also made sure that I was the one shaping and molding my children without any other interference.

    When they become adults, you then see the results. It was worth my time and you will find that it will be worth your time too. How exciting!!!

  2. You are a superstar mom already. I love that you have started a blog!